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Vistas en el atardecer de la ciudad de Málaga

Plans to discover the romantic side of Malaga

Centuries of history are concentrated in a city that is woven by streets that sound like poetry and hidden corners that emanate pure Andalusian essence. In Malaga, romanticism acquires a new color and it is true what they say in its streets, “You will not find another land or another sea. The city will always be in you”.

Discover the most romantic side of Malaga with the plans that we propose and enjoy a memorable weekend with the experiences offered by Palacio Solecio.


1. An afternoon at Hammam Al-Andalus

Centuries of Arab legacy are gathered in Hammam Al-Andalus. These typical Arab baths are the ideal place to lose track of time with its tenuous atmospheres and live a romantic afternoon thanks to the different treatments offered, from massages with essential oils for couples or relaxing aquatic experiences.

2. “Peña de los enamorados”

We recommend the “Peña de los Enamorados”, a place where history is combined with legend and love inspires a passionate story. Nestled in the Sierra de las Nieves, this enigmatic mountain is surrounded by a singular halo of romanticism.

According to tradition, a young Christian was captured in the domains of Granada during medieval times and sent to serve in the house of a wealthy Arab family, where he fell in love with the daughter. Forced to keep their idyll a secret, one day they fled. But her father was not going to allow such an affront and pursued the couple until he cornered them in the “Peña de los Enamorados”. When they were surprised, and to avoid giving themselves up, the young people threw themselves into each other’s arms from the top of the rock.

3. A night walk through the Cave of Nerja

At 158 meters above sea level hides of the treasures of Malaga, the Nerja Cave. Stalactites and stalagmites shape the sky of this unique place that opened its doors to the public in the 70’s and has become a reference in the city thanks to its music festival. For a romantic experience discover it at night and let yourself be captivated by its subtle illumination and intimate atmosphere.


4. The Alcazaba

Among the hills of Malaga stands one of the greatest national treasures, the Alcazaba. This fortress was built by the Berbers in the 11th century and is one of the most protected in the world.

110 towers and up to three walled enclosures create this incredible labyrinth, an ideal place to get lost in the history of Malaga and enjoy a romantic sunset over the city.


Photo: ©Málaga se sale