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March 2024

Al Andalus Old Fashioned

Malaga Film Festival


1 sugar cube
orange peel
1 dash of soda
2 dash angostura bitter
1 dash orange bitter
25 ml of Noctiluca (Moscatel)
25 ml of Seco Trasañejo (Pedro Ximénez)
50 ml of Larios 12 gin







From the beginning of March, Malaga becomes the epicentre of the seventh art with its famous film festival. Since 1998, the Golden Biznaga has been the symbol of cinematographic excellence, an award that not only recognises talent, but also celebrates the identity of Malaga, inspired by the biznaga, the emblematic flower that symbolises the beauty and tradition of the city.

In keeping with this sense of celebration and recognition, at Balausta we present our own biznaga: our Al Andalus Old Fashioned cocktail.

The Al Andalus Old Fashioned becomes more than just a cocktail, it is our way of celebrating excellence, a tribute to the city of Malaga, a homage to its art, its culture and, of course, a tribute to the biznaga, which, more than ever, represents our identity.

We invite you to discover and taste this tribute, along with other novelties from our cocktail menu, which encapsulate the authentic esence of our land.