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The salt of the earth tinges pink at Fuente de Piedra Nature Reserve

Northeast of Malaga hides a natural paradise that, for a few months of the year, becomes pink in front of the eyes of its visitors: The Fuente de Piedra Nature Reserve. This enclave is home to a 6.5-kilometer-long natural lake and, in the rainiest years, the largest colony of flamingos of the Iberian Peninsula.

This wetland – which is very shallow and is only fed by rainwater – is located on salt and gypsum deposits, so that during the warmer seasons kilometres of the lagoon are turned white thanks to the crystallisation of the salt – fruit of evaporation – turning this place into an almost oniric landscape.

But if the sea of salt was not already beautiful enough, from March to July, more than 20,000 flamingos splash this white canvas with their pink feathers in search of the plankton hidden in its waters. Although it is true that this is a migratory bird and can normally only be seen for a few months at a time, there has been spotted a small family which has decided to make this place its permanent residence, so visitors can be lucky enough to observe these beautiful birds in their natural habitat all year round.

Its beauty, bird observatories and viewpoints make the Fuente de Piedra Nature Reserve an ideal area for hiking thanks to its various adapted trails. Below, we recommend the most iconic ones, but you can find all the information you need at this link.


Albinas Trail

Ideal for the rainy season, this trail crosses the lagoon and is one of the best routes for observing the immense variety of birds that inhabit the wetland.


The Vicario Mirador

This viewpoint is the ideal place to soak up the beauty of the immensity of this nature reserve, as well as the surrounding mountains and the thousands of birds that fly over it.


Stage 18- Gran Senda Málaga

This section of the GR249 is perfect for hiking lovers thanks to its beautiful views and its light difficulty. The path crosses the Malaga countryside connecting the wetlands of Fuente de Piedra and Campillos and has a difference in altitude of 290m and a duration of 3h. 40min.


In short, the reserve is an ideal place – not only for birdwatchers – but for anyone who wants to enjoy a day in nature and a unique place that will remain in memory.