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Planes para disfrutar en Málaga este otoño

Plans to enjoy in Málaga in spring

Photo: Escapada Rural

Spring is the perfect season for a getaway to Malaga. During this season you can expect blue skies and pleasant temperatures, the perfect combination for a getaway in the Mediterranean coast. Here are our recommendations for things to do in Malaga in spring.

Take a dip in the Roman baths of La Hedionda
These Sulphur Roman baths are located in Casares, next to the Manilva River. It is said that Julius Caesar bathed here and the skin infection that he was suffering from was healed. This made him want to have the structure around the baths built. A dip in these waters surrounded by nature is an unforgettable experience. The only thing that can be a bit unpleasant is the strong smell of sulfur as you get closer to the site, but after a few minutes, this magical place will make you forget about it.

Visit one of its ancient caves
In Malaga, there are a high number of caves of great geological and archaeological interest. Caves such as the Pileta Cave and the Ardales Cave present Palaeolithic paintings; the Nerja Cave has spectacular geological formations as well as having been found with organic remains; and the Tesoro Cave, in addition to being considered the only cave of marine origin in Europe, it had in it human, animal and ceramic remains. For speleology lovers, the Gato Cave is certainly a hit. In order to enter any of these, reservation and/or purchase of tickets is required and for the latter also requires authorization and appropriate equipment.

Try a typical “plato de los montes” (a dish from the mountains)
The Montes de Málaga, natural park, is the ideal place to go hiking or just enjoy a day of fresh air. In the Montes de Málaga, you can find countless “ventas” (rural restaurants) where you can taste the typical dish of the mountains. Highly recommended when temperatures start to drop a little in Autumn. For many locals going for a big lunch in the countryside is one of the best plans for autumn and winter weekends. The origin of this dish, which combines fries, eggs, chorizo, pepper and loin in butter, is in the 1930s when field workers and harriers carrying goods needed to replenish energy.

Hiking in the Copper Forest
There is a wonderful chestnut grove in the Ronda mountains, located in the Genal Valley near the villages of Pujerra, Igualeja, Genalgaucial, Júzcar, Parauata and some other beautiful villages that offer during the spring and autumn a view that will make a great Instagram caption. The different shades of green during the spring and ochre in autumn, of the chestnut leaves, create a spectacular landscape making this place one of the most beautiful in Andalucia to enjoy a day of hiking in a natural environment. The celebration of the end of the harvest season takes place in November with festivities such as the traditional “tostones”, where the neighbours roast chestnuts and enjoy their delicious gastronomy.

If you are planning a spring getaway to Málaga and wish to learn more about outdoor activities, please contact our concierge department.