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Legends of love, Andalusian love

Andalusia has always been a land characterised by its passion. A passion for its tradition, its people, and its heritage. With the arrival of Valentine’s Day, we invite you to discover Andalusian tales, passed down from generation to generation, that pay tribute to love, true love.


An anonymous 16th-century novel narrates the love story of Abindarráez, a noble Al-Andalusian Abencerraje of Granada, his beloved Jarifa, and Rodrigo de Narváez, the Christian mayor of Antequera and Álora.

Abindarráez was on his way to Coín to meet his beloved Jarifa and marry her in a secret ceremony. Along the road, he encountered Rodrigo de Narváez, who, after an extraordinary combat, took Abindarráez prisoner. On their return, Abindarráez shares his love story: he was about to marry Jarifa, against her father’s disapproval. Moved by the story, Rodrigo offers him his freedom on the condition that he returns three days later, after the wedding.

After marrying Jarifa, Abindarráez explains that his freedom is only temporary, and Jarifa tries to persuade him not to return. However, being a noble and honourable man, Abindarráez refuses, and they decide to leave together for Álora to fulfil their destiny. Inspired by Abindarráez’s honour, Rodrigo decides to help them by asking the King of Granada to persuade Jarifa’s father to forgive them, thus sparking a lifelong friendship and a happy ending for Abindarráez and Jarifa.


The Pinsapo de las Escaleretas is a Spanish fir tree with over 500 years of history, making it one of the oldest in the country. With large canopies that watch over the Sierra de las Nieves, this tree is known as “the lord of the forest” and is considered a beacon and guide for hikers visiting the area.

And there is a legend of love, but not just any love. The story tells of a woman who lived in the area. She was a woman of great kindness who spent her days helping passers-by and travellers, saving them from the depths of the wilderness. When the kind lady’s time had come, she was buried in the spot where, over the years, the Pinsapo de la Escalereta grew, continuing the woman’s mission of guiding travellers in the Sierra.

This legend of selflessness and love towards the land demonstrates the caring nature of the Andalusian character. After all, it is no coincidence that Valentine’s Day and Andalusia Day are celebrated in the same month, the month of love. 


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