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Kitesurfing on the coast of Malaga

Kitesurfing is one of the most emblematic sports of the coast of Malaga and it is very common to see various kite surfers flowing smoothly over the waters of the coast with their colorful boards and sails.

Combining two of nature’s main elements, this sport mixes the power of the wind and the fantastic feel of the sea: it’s an unforgettable, fun experience!

To enjoy this sport, we recommend a list of destinations depending on your level, so that you will be able to fully enjoy the Mediterranean waves.


Located just 20 minutes away from Palacio Solecio, this bay is one of the safest to enjoy this sport thanks to its large and spacious kitesurfing area, next to the mouth of the Guadalhorce river. If this is your first time, you will find a good many schools in the area, given that this is a very well-known and perfect spot to practice this sport between spring and summer thanks to the south-westerly wind.



Surrounding the beautiful village of whitewashed houses is the bay of Torrox, just 40 minutes away from Malaga. This wide coastline of sandy beaches is also an ideal spot if you are a beginner, as in the area you can find several kite surfing centers where you can get started and enjoy the gentle easterly and south-westerly winds on your board.




In case you feel you’re already an expert on the matter, head to Mijas, an emblematic kitesurfers’ haven, near Fuengirola. Its shifting westerly winds make this area the ideal place to enjoy the waves, but it is worth noting that, as it has little sandy areas, it is not recommended for beginners or amateurs.





Located 40 minutes from Palacio Solecio, El Chaparral is regarded as one of the locals’ favorite destinations thanks to its diverse swell. Given its jagged, rocky and uneven shores, this is not a beach recommended for beginners: if you want to kite surf in this area, it’s essential to talk to the locals who live onsite and can offer some useful pointers on how to ride the waves and enjoy them.

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