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Castañar en Málaga en Otoño. Chestnut forest in Málaga during autumn.

Gastronomic festivals in Malaga

Autumn is the season to celebrate the end of the harvest and enjoy some of its typical products, such as chestnuts, mushrooms or sweet potatoes. Their variety and gastronomic richness make them highly appreciated in the Andalusian cookbook, and many villages organize gastronomic festivals to showcase some of them to the visitors. These are some of the gastronomic festivals in Malaga which you can enjoy until the end of December while staying at Palacio Soelcio.
Photo by © El País

Yunquera, October 30th and 31st
In this beautiful town that borders Ronda and a good variety of white villages, during this weekend you can enjoy the gastronomy, traditions and handicrafts of the place and the Sierra de las Nieves. In this festival, typical products of the town are exhibited, and they offer tours, tastings, contests and parades, among other unique activities such as the classic pisá de la uva (which helps to understand the process of creation of the wine) and the tasting of the typical recipe, the malcocinao. As a curiosity, during your visit you will be able to walk among Spanish firs, trees that only grow in the south of Spain and the north of Morocco, being here where the vast majority of specimens are found.

Pujerra, November 1st, 2nd and 3rd
The trip to Pujerra is long, but it is worth it. From Palacio Solecio it is about an hour and a half by car, but in autumn it becomes an incredible journey, crossing chestnut forests of reddish and ocher tones. Every year at this time, in Pujerra, in the heart of the Genal Valley, homage is paid to the chestnut, the product that feeds much of the town. During these days you can taste roasted chestnuts, traditional sweets such as buñuelos, pestiños and a wide variety of Arab origin meals. To accompany them, the mistela drink (made from toasted almonds, coffee, sugar, cinnamon, lemon and orange peel) and brandy are very typical.

Castañas, producto típico de Málaga en otoño. Chestnuts, typical from Málaga in autumn.

Tuesday, October 31st and November 1st
In the small district of Maro, in Nerja, every year for Halloween this festival is celebrated in honour of its gastronomy based on products from the land. In a very rural setting, witches and monsters entertain the little ones while the older ones recharge their batteries with different recipes made from roasted sweet potatoes and chestnuts.

Alcaucín, November 6th and 7th
The same products are the protagonists of the festival that is celebrated in the nearby village of Alcaucín a weekend later. In addition to delicious recipes made with chestnuts and sweet potatoes, you can try the first mantecados of the season (a traditional Christmas sweet here in Spain) together with the typical anise.

Ojén, November 7th
The Tostón Popular takes place on the first Sunday after Halloween, a tradition that is more than consolidated and awarded the title of Tourist Singularity Festival. In this beautiful village, located in the middle of the mountain 45 minutes by car from Palacio Solecio, each autumn a festivity is held to show the process of making roasted chestnuts and enjoy the local cuisine, with recipes such as the salmorejo de Ojén, the jervía soup, chestnut stew or rice with fennel. It is a very familiar gathering where traditional games are also organized.

Boniatos, producto típico de Málaga en otoño.

Campillos, November 7th
In this region where the poet from the Generation of 27, José María Hinojosa was born, every autumn a gastronomic festival is held. Campillos is the main producer of pork food in Andalusia and on November 7th, about a hundred street-food markets will offer all kinds of products derived from pork. For those who don’t like meat, this market also offers the possibility of tasting other artisan products such as cheeses. The day is completed with children’s activities and musical performances.

Totalán, November 28th
Half an hour by car from Palacio Solecio is Totalán, a small town known for its chanfaina, a traditional dish perfect for the cold months, whose traditional recipe includes breadcrumbs, potatoes, olive oil, vinegar, garlic and different spices. Also, if desired, it can be accompanied by different meats. The last Sunday in November the village pay tribute to this dish with a party where you can taste the recipe and the wines of the region, among other typical products such as almonds. Samples of farm tools and handicrafts are also displayed and a fly market is set up, while local musical bands and orchestras liven up the day.

Cuevas Bajas, December 5th
In the Antequera region, a long time ago, a strange variety of purple carrots of incredible proportions (that can exceed two pounds of weight) was used to feed the animals. Little by little more was known about this product and its multitude of nutrients, which was produced only in late autumn and early winter. Today the purple carrot is a local delicacy that the village of Cuevas Bajas continues to produce and honour each year with a festivity that is held every first Sunday in December and also celebrates the end of the harvest. At the festival, you can find this carrot in jams, creams, roasted, raw… Enjoy this product accompanied by a plate of crumbs and some local wines, and take advantage of the visit to enjoy a walk along the shores of the river that comes directly from the snow from Sierra Nevada.

Castañar en Málaga en Otoño. Chestnut forest in Málaga during autumn.

Benaoján, December 4th and 5th
During the Spanish Constitution Holiday in the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park, you will find this wonderful town that every year celebrates the Chacina festival. Most of the sausage factories are concentrated in the Serranía de Ronda and during this event, the town takes the opportunity to show its best products to the visitor.

Colmenar, December 11th and 12th
If for any reason it is not possible for you to attend the Benaoján festivities, you have an extra opportunity, since a week later, during the weekend of December 11th and 12th, the town of Colmenar, located next to the Natural Park of Los Montes from Malaga, also celebrates its Festival of Mosto (a typical drink similar to the wine) and Chacina.

Torrox, December 19th
Once in Torrox, the people that worked the land knew that it was time for lunch when they heard the sound of a conch blowing in the wind. Remembering this tradition, every Sunday before Christmas the conchs sound in this village to warn visitors that the crumbs festivity begins. Unlike other towns in Málaga where this traditional recipe is made with breadcrumbs, here they are made with wheat semolina, and one of the best places to taste them is at this festival in Torrox. The dish can be accompanied by a typical arriera salad and local wine.