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For the love of art

And so, once again, the end draws near. Oh, how time flies when one is lost in magic, right? And you may wonder about that secret that the lanes whispered, the art of which the wind sang and the shadows sketched. That ninth art is a feeling, an abstract, intangible work of art. It is the love we profess for the Palace. You can perceive it in every corner, in every detail or in every interaction. A love that drapes the walls, binds emotions and drives us to pour every bit of ourselves into everything we do. It is a love that translates into smiles, in the desire to be of service, to make each day a special moment. It is a love for what is ours, for Malaga, for our past and our future. It is the conviction that each and every idea comes from the love of art.

And perhaps the best thing of it all is that it doesn’t have to end with the festive season. The ninth art lives on through us and now, through all those who know its secret

Félix Solesio