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Christmas in the palace

The nine arts that grace the season

With the arrival of the festive season, Palacio Solecio becomes the stage for a grand performance where art in all its forms of expression come together to create a magical Christmas. The orchestrator? Félix Solesio himself, who will accompany you through each of the arts with his stories and memories of these unique dates in the palace.

A song to begin the Christmas season, a creation of one’s own, a dance around the palate and a letter written as a toast… From the 1st of December 2023 to the 7th of January 2024, discover the arts that shape the holidays and experience the magic of Christmas at the palace all over again.

The Booklet
Opening 2023

A song to begin the Christmas season.

With the arrival of December, a magical aura surrounds the palace, casting a spell on Granada Street. Its walls come alive with shades of red, green, and gold, painting a warm and cosy ambience unique to this time of year. Yet the unmistakable herald of Christmas on Granada Street is revealed on the first of December, when we are joined by a soprano, who takes her place on our central balcony, along with a harmonious cello and violin duet. Together, they weave a symphony that not only echoes in the festive air, but also indicates the joyous arrival of the Christmas season in each and every note.
Christmas Workshops

A creation of one's own.

I attest that there exists no finer stimulant for creativity than a workshop, where minds converge, kindling the flames of inventive thought and beckoning the spirit of exploration. This Christmas, discover our festive workshops, where ornaments and flavours will be the protagonists of your creations.
Christmas Dinners

The art of sharing.

Gathered around the table, surrounded by dear ones, the air fills with hope and excitement to be celebrating another magical season. The clink of glasses? That is but the applause of culinary delight. And the gentle murmur of laughter? Consider it the joyful symphony that weaves through the dining room air. And the flicker of the candlelight? A heartwarming dance that adds a touch of magic to our festive stage. Celebrate this special season, indulge in an exquisite menu that pays homage to our heritage, and immerse yourself in the magic of Christmas at Palacio Solecio.
Cena navideña en el boutique hotel Palacio Solecio

"Christmas must be here. A time when we unleash our most creative side, when we knowingly or unknowingly embrace the nine arts"