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A letter written as a toast

24th of December 2023

“Gathered around the table, surrounded by dear ones, the air fills with hope and excitement to be celebrating another magical season. The clink of glasses? That is but the applause of culinary delight. And the gentle murmur of laughter? Consider it the joyful symphony that weaves through the dining room air. And the flicker of the candlelight? A heartwarming dance that adds a touch of magic to our festive stage”

Spend this Christmas Eve among loved ones in our intimate private dining room, where the aroma of fresh cut pine and the signature warmth of a southern soirée prevail. Here, there is always another seat at the table – indeed, the more the merrier. Indulge in an exquisite menu that pays homage to our southern heritage and step into the magic of the festive season at Palacio Solecio.