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Violín apoyado en balcón del Palacio Solecio

A song to begin the Christmas season

1st of December 2023

“Oh, how it fills me with joy to behold the balcony lit up, once again, proudly overlooking Granada Street… Lights gleaming, curtains drawn, and there she is, the silhouetted figure prepares to take her stage, set to grace us with her soulful art.”

With the arrival of December, a magical aura surrounds the palace, casting a spell on Granada Street. Its walls come alive with shades of red, green, and gold, painting a warm and cosy ambience unique to this time of year. Yet the unmistakable herald of Christmas on Granada Street is revealed on the first of December, when we are joined by a soprano, who takes her place on our central balcony, along with a harmonious cello and violin duet. Together, they weave a symphony that not only echoes in the festive air, but also indicates the joyous arrival of the Christmas season in each and every note.