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Welcome to one of the top climbing destinations in the country.

The vast mountainous territory surrounding Malaga makes this province one of the areas with the most climbing sectors in the whole country, as well as an ideal destination for lovers of this beautiful sport, thanks to its mild climate.

Find below the province’s most renowned areas where you can enjoy climbing adapted to your level, surrounded by the most majestic natural scenery.

El Chorro

One hour from Palacio Solecio, El Chorro sector is one of the most emblematic climbing destinations in Malaga as it is made up of almost 2,000 routes and has easy access. This limestone gorge offers walls with a very good grip and various styles of climbing, from tufas to slab routes, as well as pitches of up to 300m. It is an ideal place for the whole family as there are multiple routes of all levels, from 4º to 8º, perfect for spending a day outdoors in contact with nature.


El Hondón

This sector is considered a paradise for those who love grade 7 ascents and is an enclave that is home to routes known for their leads with good holds. Since you can only find routes of high difficulty, it is not recommended for those who are not confident in this level of difficulty since there are no other sectors or routes in the area.

Puerto del Viento

Nestled in Ronda, this is a climbing area where you can enjoy up to 65 types of routes and different sectors. Thanks to its variety, it is an ideal place to share a day of climbing with companions who master different grades, given that most of the routes are within a short distance of each other. It should be noted that it is not recommended for the warmer summer months as it does not have any large, shaded area.



Climbing in Benaoján

This beautiful sector is just 90 minutes away from Palacio Solecio. There, you will be able to enjoy a wide variety of routes, as well as different climbing styles. From slabs, overhangs, vaults or pitches, Benaoján is the ideal place to share an unforgettable experience with the family thanks to the diversity of grades available.

It is essential to bear in mind that climbing is a high-risk sport, so it is not advisable to practice it if you do not have the necessary equipment or qualifications for it.

If you would like to try this wonderful sport for the first time, do not hesitate to contact our reception team at so that they can recommend a guide with whom you will be able to get started.