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Playa de Nerja en Málaga

A day at Nerja

We unveil three stops for you to enjoy a day at Nerja as a local.

Nerja is a fishing and farming municipality that is part of the providence of Málaga. This beautiful town offers many activities such as Nerja’s mystic Cave, the balcony of Europe and wonderful beaches all over the town. Here we unveil three stops for you to enjoy a day at Nerja as a local.

Nerja’s Cave
This natural wonder was discovered by accident on the 12th of January, 1959, by a group of boys as they were looking for animals. The cave is filled with stalagmites, stalactites and many other natural formations. But the reason that makes this cave unique is that it has 589 prehistoric paints, from the superior palaeolithic and recent prehistory, that for conservation reasons isn’t available to the public.

The balcony of Europe
This famous viewpoint was named by King Alfonso XII in 1884 when he was looking at the beaches from this place and shouted: “¡This is the balcony of Europe!”. Erstwhile it was a fortress of the IX century, later it became the Castillo Bajo of Nerja in the XVI century. Sadly, with the war of independence, it was destroyed and many years later the avenue and terrace were created.

The beaches
Nerja is known for its beaches, the most liked is Calahonda, which is just below the balcony of Europe and it’s known for the number of pictures it has on many social media platforms. It also has 15 other beaches that make up for 13 km of the Mediterranean coast, where you can enjoy a swim, sunbathing or going for a walk.

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